Preparing to Hire a Skip

Preparing for skip hire

Many of us will have the need for skip hire and it’s worth spending a little time doing some research about what can or can’t be placed in it. Waste removal is a little bit more involved than you may expect so here is some advice to help you save time and cost plus avoid disappointment.

What type and how much waste have I got?

Skips are categorised depending on the type of waste you are disposing of.  Usually for domestic properties a “mixed waste” skip hire is needed. These can be supplied in sizes from 2 to 8 cubic yard capacities. Before embarking on skip hire, have a good look at the type and amount of waste you have and consider how much space it will take up, then decide what size skip you will need. Small skips can be used for dense material such as rubble and soil which is heavy and larger skips are ideal for light bulky items such as kitchen cupboards, bed frames and furniture. Our online booking system will help you decide on the skip size you need.

Is there anything I can’t put in a skip?

Whilst a mixed waste skip is for general waste there are several prohibited items and some of these are listed below. If you intend to use skip hire for any of these items you must speak to us first as once we know, we can guide you on how these items can be disposed of.

Prohibited items:

Mattresses, sofas, carpets, gas cylinders, tyres, paint, asbestos, plasterboard, fridges, freezers and televisions.

If you happen to have a lot of the same material to dispose of such as just wood or just hardcore (bricks and concrete) then you can hire a specific waste skip, which may be cheaper than a mixed waste skip. If you have lot of scrap metal then a skip can be very cheap or even free.

For a complete list please see our post on restricted items.

Can my skip be placed on the road in front of my property?

If you are not able to have the skip placed on your private drive, land or garden then you will need to get a permit from your local council, or ask us to do this for you. The cost of and the amount of time it is valid for varies widely and will be quoted to you when you enquire about skip hire. If you do need to obtain a permit for a skip to be on the roadside then it is wise to hire some lights and road cones to place around it.

Protecting your property 

It is most important that skip delivery lorries have enough space to manuever, when unloading and loading. They will not be held responsible for any damage to driveways, paths or gardens. It is strongly advised that you check the intended location for the skip and if necessary, place sturdy boards and a tarpaulin on the ground first.

Never move a skip from its original delivery position as the collection lorry may not be able to reach it. If you need to have it moved then call us and we can arrange for this.

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