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How it works

You choose which enquiries to quote on

Customers send you their toolbags to price up, and you manage your quotes in a private supplier area.

Customers view and accept your quote

They get your quote back, choose whether to accept it or not, and have the option to ask a question.

Only pay once your quote is accepted

Once they're happy they pay for hiring their tools from you, and we take a small fee for using DoHire.

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How much does it cost?

You decide on the quotes you want to send, and you only pay a fee when a customer accepts your quote. DoHire handles the payment and passes the money directly on to you. We then give the customer your details and let you arrange collection or delivery. Our fees typically range from £2 to £35 depending on the total hire cost.

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Instantly receive and manage your hire enquiries

Track hire requests and manage new quotes in one place, and manage your profile to promote your business.

Send quotes from your dedicated supplier area

Track, edit and send your quotes, respond to any customer questions and get notifications of accepted quotes.

It's easy to manage your costs

With DoHire there's no special equipment needed, or complicated setup. Fully manage your quoting process in one place to save time and build your own company profile to promote yourself.

Keep idle equipment to a minimum and keep transportation costs down by choosing the most cost-effective enquiries to quote on.

Frequently asked questions

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Dedicated DoHire support

As a DoHire supplier you get all the help you need to make the most of our hire network. The DoHire team is on-hand to help you with set-up, management or quoting.

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