Why Hire A Carpet Cleaner

When you drop that piece of food on the floor do you think about the 3 second rule? Or do you think when was the last time I cleaned my carpet before popping that bit of food in your mouth. 

Experts have revealed that as many as 26 million, almost half of the UK adult population have never had their carpets cleaned!


Remarkable when you consider they also suggest that E.coli and salmonella-causing bacteria could be festering in your carpet. Even more so if you wear your shoes inside, going on to spreading bacteria like Escherichia coli, often found throughout our homes.


Those living with dirty carpets are at risk to a host of germs including bacteria and dust mites which could result in serious health risks – including asthma, eczema and year-round allergies.


Try as you might, carpets will always draw everything from dirty footprints to stray pet hair. while a weekly hoover will help to deal with the more obvious offences, hidden debris will likely find its way into your carpet’s fibre’s. To get to these deep, untouched areas, a thorough carpet clean is needed.It is recommended that carpets receive a deeper clean at least once every year. This will help restore them to their original condition and extend the lifespan of the carpet. If you have pets or your carpets have particularly high foot traffic, then it is recommended that you clean your carpet more often.


Carpet cleaners are inexpensive to hire for a one-off job, and highly effective leaving you with clean and fresh carpets. Whether you want to have them cleaned for an occasion, health reasons or due to have young children you won’t be disappointed in the results. 


Top tips to help you keep your carpet looking cleaner for longer!

  • Use welcome mats at the front door to catch the excess dirt. 
  • Always take your shoes off when you come home or on the carpeted rooms and ask guests to do the same. 
  • Hoover three times a week.
  • Don’t scrub any stains instead blot the stains, this will prevent you from damaging the fibres in the carpet..
  • Use water sparingly when cleaning. Too much water could affect the carpet pile.


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